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Monday, October 25, 2010

Household Habits

I got this from Christian HomeKeeper Network and thought it was worthy of posting :) I know I need to do a better job of staying on task throughout the day! Check out the full blog post at: http://christianhomekeeper.org/blog/household-habits/

I will start with the Evening Habits because your day really begins the night before!

Get in the habit of doing these things each evening….
Clean the kitchen
Pick up and straighten the living room
Straighten the bathroom
Put away all clean clothing
Put away or straighten all shoes (especially helpful if your family leaves shoes at the door)
Figure out what’s for breakfast and make sure you have it all ready.
Lay out clothes for tomorrow.

Run a sink of hot soapy water.
Clean sink and faucets while you do your personal grooming.
Take towels from bathroom to laundry.
Clean the shower and tub after you shower each morning.
Start the washer.
Start the dish washer if needed.
Get dinner started. Lay out frozen food to defrost, start the crockpot, etc.

Keep the washer going.
As you use dishes and pans, rinse them and place them in the hot soapy water.
Use the hot soapy water to wash down kitchen counters and appliances throughout the day.
Keep everything cleaned off counter tops.

You can add what ever you need to add to this list. If you personalize it, it will serve you better. This is not an extensive list of what needs to be done during the day. The main idea of a Household Habits list is to do certain things each and every day that will help you keep your home more organized and orderly.

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