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Monday, October 18, 2010

Seasons of Change

A great encouraging and quick read from http://inspiringsisters.blogspot.com/
Also, I might add in the scripture reference of Ecclesiastes 3 ... You can also listen to The Byrds song Turn! Turn! Turn! for even more effect :)

Seasons of Change
Sisters, Come on in and have a cup of tea and lets talk about ...Season of Change.
Today my cousin announced he was selling everything he owns and relocating to another country.
Yes, I mean outside the U.S.A. I was very shock and didn't see it coming.

I started to think Wow, maybe God wants him to make such a radical change to grow his faith. Fear can really keep us bound up. How can we ever achieve those dreams, goals or visions if we never take a chance. If we never embrace our season of change.

I love Joyce Meyers testimony, she stated that if she wasn't unemployed for a year she would not have been prepared for the ministry. You see it was during that year that she studied the Word like she had never did before and she grew closer to the Lord. That time, gave her the faith and strength to walk out on faith into heer ministry.

Without a season of transition, change will not come in your life. If you continue to do the sam thing the same way you will always get the same result. It's time to get out of the rut ladies. Yes, God can remove those obstacles in your life that is holding you back. He can move and remove them but you have to have faith. September is just the right time. Dust off your old dreams and think of some new ones too. Develop an attitude that you expect God to move mountains in your life this month. What is God telling you to do? Write it down. Have you been faithful in the little things he have given you?

So tell God what you want right now. Think BIG--there isn't anything too hard for God. Now its time to believe God for miracles!

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