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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Take Your SHAPE Assessment!

Much of the local, national and global news is so sad and overwhelming.  Most of us would like to help, but don’t know how. It is easier to just stay in our own little bubbles and ignore it. So many do. But, what if the stirring inside your heart (btw- that is not just “a stirring”, it is God speaking to you), is too great for you to resist. Where do you start?
A great first step to take is to complete a SHAPE Assessment.
This last autumn, our church was leading small-groups in a Biblical based study written and produced @ Westside titled "LLYD: Live Like You're Dying". During this study, individuals were encouraged to take a SHAPE Assessment. Anyone has the opportunity to assess their spiritual gifts through this SHAPE Assessment. This is not always free if done elsewhere, and I'm not sure if or when they will remove this link. So, take advantage of this opportunity now and find out what your gifts are!
SHAPE is an acronym standing for:
Spiritual Gifts: God-given gifts of a believer 
Heart: Passions that energize and motivate 
Abilities: Talents and knowledge that equip 
Personality: How you relate to others, view the world 
Experience: Wisdom gained, what you have seen, learned 
Your special SHAPE helps to determine where you will be most fruitful in serving God's kingdom. When you are operating within your God-given gifts and passions, you will be most:
faithful to God's design and plan for your life, fruitful in your work, and joyful and energized in what you do. Knowing your Gifts and Passions is an important step to understanding God's will for your life and your service. Applying these Gifts and Passions is where others become blessed, and where you can benefit from the joy of being in the center of God's will, enjoying your God-given purpose.
The SHAPE assessment is a tool to help guide you in choosing the areas in which you would like to serve that best fit your specific gifts. Share this assessment with others to help them to understand your gifts, as well as with your ministry leaders to get guidance and assistance to accurately choose your area of personal ministry investment.
After you take the SHAPE assessment, your next step may be to talk with someone who knows you and loves you. Ask them to share their insights about your SHAPE. What do they see in you? The reality is that you can learn a great deal about yourself talking with a friend who knows you well.
You may also want to start to serve in any area where there is a need. The more we serve, the more we learn about our SHAPE.  My church, Westside Family Church, has volunteer info @ www.WFCNews.com in the 'volunteer' section, and @ myIMPACT.
Everyone has been SHAPED by God to serve. We are fully alive when we allow God to move us into serving Him and His kingdom in the way He has SHAPED us. God’s Spirit is ready to lead you there. Will you follow Him?

The most important thing to do is do something! ZOE life awaits you!

1 Peter 4:10-11
As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. Whoever speaks, let him speak, as it were, the utterances of God; whoever serves, let him do so as by the strength which God supplies; so that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom belongs the glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen. 
Here are some other great verses to read regarding serving:
Read God’s word and talk to Him through prayer daily. He will guide your steps if you let Him!
This article's resources are:
http://shape.westsidefamilychurch.com and http://blog.westsidefamilychurch.com/?p=2054

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