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Saturday, February 19, 2011


For me, the days of dating are a fading memory. I too often put aside my desire for intimacy because of the immediate needs of life knocking at my door. At this stage in my life, it is usually my innocent and loving kids. I gladly drop just about anything for my them. However, with priorities the way they should be (God first, Spouse second, Children next, etc) the intimacy in marriage would not be in the drought state it is so often. 
So, since taking time out of our busy schedules is probably our first roadblock to date nights, and money being the second, here are 30 low-cost or no-cost date ideas, most of which you can do at home!

First thing to do: Schedule it weekly! Okay, I know most of us dream of that spontaneous weekend hotel surprise happening, but realistically, has it ever? Since our lives are all too often routine, make "intimacy night" part of it! Pick one night a week, and start the day being mindful of this. Look forward to it! Workout, take a bath, shave your legs, paint your nails, put on some of his favorite perfume for you, wear those sexy panties and bra, etc. You can do it! He will love it, and so will you!
So, without further explanation, here are 30 ideas to incorporate intimacy into your everyday life:
1. If you have a willing neighbor, friend, or family member, have a babysitting swap each week. 
2. Have a weekly family picnic night! Have a picnic indoors or out! This is great family bonding time, and creates memories and traditions for the kids! Then after they go to bed the rest can happen ;)
3. Order your favorite takeout, set a the table with fine china and eat dinner by candlelight.
4. If the kids are gone, greet him at the door in your birthday suit and heels. Tell him he has arrived in Utopia.  Have him follow you to the bedroom where you have a dinner of aphrodisiacs waiting, complete with chocolate covered strawberries. You both have to feed each other!
5. Role play- don’t forget the stilettos! 
6. Have a theme night. Dress, eat, and watch a movie with the same theme. 
7. Make a special dessert to enjoy.
8. Cuddle on the couch and watch a movie. 
9. Play cards, a board game, or a video game together (Rock Band and Wii are fun)!
10. Wear your favorite lingerie and sing karaoke!
11. Sit outside and read together.
12. Read poetry to each other... in character ;)
13. Make a CD of “your songs” and play it throughout the evening.
14. Dance (doubt he’ll turn it down, knowing what it will lead to)!
15. Write a poem or romantic letter to your love!
16. Splurge on delicious cheeses, fruit, crackers, and wine.
17. Share favorite memories of you two together!
18. Light your bathroom and bedroom with tea-lights and play soft music. (Be sure to remember to blow out the candles when you’re ready to sleep!) 
19. Take a bath or shower together (water is always sexy)!
20. Give each other a back rub with aromatic oils.
21. Cook together and try a new recipe.
22. Go to bed early together ;)
23. Watch a sports game and eat stadium food like nachos and hot dogs.
24. Make a scrapbook together from a vacation.
25. Start a collection together.
26. Play outside together! Fly a kite, play catch with a football, Frisbee, hike, fish, rollerblade, bike ride, etc.
27. Go to the gym or lift weights together at home. It really is fun and sexy! 
28. Work on a project around the house together.
29. Make breakfast in bed for dinner.
30. Watch the sun rise while drinking a good cup off coffee or tea. Watch the sun set while sipping wine. Cuddling is a must in both situations ;)

Do you have regular date nights? If you have kids, how do you balance romance with your busy family schedule? What ideas do you have?! 

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  1. Yay for date nights :)! This is something that is hard to get together for all moms! My husband and I are in the processing of adopting {our kids live with us but legally are still in care of state, so it's extremely hard to get sitters! We live away from family and anyone that watches them has to be 21! So, sometimes my husband and I are able to eat breakfast at a tea house or coffee shop before I have to be back home to pick little girl up at half day preschool! We also make sure the kids are in bed at an early time so we can share about our day and simply spend time together!

    Thanks for linking up these dating tips to Unwasted Homemaking Party;)!