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Thursday, February 10, 2011

TV/ Books/ DVDs Move

I despise clutter, although ironically I frequently find myself in the midst of it. We have a fairly small living room, and any extra stuff makes it feel tight. I like feeling like we can all move around comfortably when company is over.

We have lived in our current home for 3 years this month. Ever since we moved in, I have been trying to talk my man into getting a smaller TV for our living area, and to put it on our wall. Our 61" TV seemed to take up half of our living room! We had our couch cutting off the middle of the room and our TV on a stand against the wall. My husband loves TVs, the bigger- the-better, and I would never miss them. We've definitely been at odds about this.

Well, my wish finally came true a couple months ago when I realized our big, not-flat-TV tapered enough in the back to be pushed into the cut out in our wall above our fireplace... no one believed me that it would fit until I showed them the measurements. So with rerouting our cable, we were able to get the TV off of the floor and move our couch to the wall, thus opening up our living room and making for a happy housewife :o) ... and happy husband too, since he got to keep his XL size TV!

(Meet my 2 dogs, Faith and Gracie.... apparently its still too early for them to get up and at-em!)

So, in saving mega space, I thought, why not save more? I love being surrounded by books... even if I may not have time to read. There is just something about books that calms, excites and intrigues me all at the same time! I never get tired of going to the library (btw- during long commutes, books on tape have become my new best friend)! Anyway, our books have not had a good home, bouncing between our nightstand, kitchen table, and the storage in our basement. Until now we just have not had the room to display them anywhere. I had an idea, I work at a children's hospital, and we have lots of movies stocked on each floor. I've seen different ways in storing them. One way I've always thought was handy was storing DVDs in a handheld CD case. Currently, our DVDs have been in a book-like case. So, once I convinced my husband, I got to work. I bought 3 different hand-held CD cases. One night we sorted alphabetically all the DVDs and separated the Blu-Ray from the regular DVDs, and separated the kid-friendly from the not-so-kid-friendly DVDs. The next day, I started at A and took the covers out, cut to fit and stuffed the DVDs and their covers in the individual slots.

Once I was finished I took my empty case and filled it with books- voila!

No big cost here, but I feel like I just got a new living room! Ahhhhh ;)

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