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Friday, May 13, 2011

The PAPA Prayer

God has really been speaking to my heart, prodding at me to get to know Him deeper. I've been a "Christian" since I was just a little girl. I've prayed, but all too often my prayers have seemed like empty words that go unheard. 

I have a longing to know my maker like never before. After reading Heaven is for Real, I've been imagining even more what it will be like when I see Jesus and embrace Him, visit with God the Father on His throne, hug and talk with my loved ones that have passed before me, etc. I wonder. 

I hunger to know Jesus as intimately as I can before I meet Him someday in Heaven.

I want to communicate with Him in a deeper, more meaningful way than ever before. I have felt like I've been at a roadblock. So, through a friends recommendation, I started reading The PAPA Prayer by Dr. Larry CrabbI'm just into the first few chapters, yet I am already feeling God move in me. This is so exciting! 

When I asked Jesus to be my savior, Papa’s Spirit moved into my heart, and made it His home. Every moment He’s whispering that Jesus loves me. The amazing thing is that Jesus wants to make His home in all of our hearts, not just a select few! God is the only omnipresent spirit/being- He can be everywhere at once (this boggles my mind, but I guess if you made the universe, you can do anything)!  

My journey to get closer and closer to Him will never end. We can't get close enough to Jesus. One day we will be in Heaven and know more than we will ever know here on earth. Until then, I am in pursuit of God's heart. I screw up daily, and in that, my pursuit of Him is imperfect, but He never stops pursuing us. When I think I have failed too many times, he lifts my head, wipes the tears from my eyes, and washes all my blemishes away, making me clean- a new creation in Him. That is the beauty of His grace. 

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