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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

King of Peace

I LOVE this song and the lyrics. It really spoke to my heart when I heard Generation Letter perform this song at my church last Sunday. Listen to the King of Peace song over and over, and it gets better and better. 
“King of Peace” reminds us that God is always present and offers His peace in the midst of suffering and trials. 

Here are the lyrics:
Verse 1
Lord, your children have not been spared
From this worlds daily trials and cares
We know weakness, fear and sorrow, yet we╩╝re not alone
You are near in our time of need
You are faithful you hear our pleas
You give grace to all who hope in your mighty name
King of peace you calm our raging storms
All we need is found within your arms
We find rest by your quiet stream
King of peace
Verse 2
We were rebels against your reign
We were haters of your great name
When you saved us from your justice and from ourselves
You gave life to our hearts of stone
Made a way for us to your throne
Where we lay down all our burdens at your feet
We stand upon your faithfulness As we trust in you

By George Romanacce, Stephen Morgan, John Ripley, and Steve Cook
Copyright © 2010 Generation Letter

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