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Monday, January 10, 2011

Pray for Our Husbands!

This is a great website and a great post. A reminder we should be intentionally praying for our husbands everyday!

Project 2: Prayers for Our Husband

Each Monday, we share a project that relates to being a Christian woman and living out our Titus 2 roles in real life. For more information about this feature or to submit a project idea,click here.
This week’s project is:
Let’s set aside time this week to intentionally pray for our husbands. Our husbands need our prayers, so let’s work on building them up this week. Here are suggestions for each day (Ideas formed from The Power of a Praying Wife):
Monday: His Work
Tuesday: His Integrity
Wednesday: His Mind
Thursday: His Purpose
Friday: His Health
Saturday: His Protection
Sunday: His Faith

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