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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Garden Time!

In addition to spring cleaning, you may be itching to dig in some dirt and get started on your garden. If you're like myself, and weren't gifted with a green thumb, then you'll want all the help you can get! I usually buy already grown flowers and plants from my local Home Depot or garden shop and transfer them into my ground or containers.  However, I was able to successfully grow a few herbs last spring from seed. Growing something from seed gives me great satisfaction (and makes everything taste a little better too)! I love being able to enjoy homegrown herbs/fruits/veggies. Click HERE to read and view photos for easy directions on how to successfully start plants from seed.

This year, in addition to my flower garden, I am excited to attempt growing a fruit, vegetable and herb garden. I have a head start as we already have blueberry bushes. This year, I will cover them some netting to protect them from the birds (last year they took over half of our harvest).

I am also looking forward to decorating the front of our house with hanging plants and window troughs. They went through a bad drought last year. Even though we watered them twice a day, the extreme heat of August won. This year I am going to try something new. A friend of mine told me that she takes baby diapers, opens them (as you would to put them on a child) and borders the bottom of the coconut liners with them. She then places her dirt and plants on top. The diapers do a great job at keeping in the moisture. Click HERE for a step-bystep look at lining your planter with DIAPERS! Can't wait to try it this year!
If you have any gardening tips to share, please leave a comment below! 

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  1. I am drooling just looking at those blueberries! :) We don't have bushes of our own, but know a local family who has a couple acres of them. My daughters and I look forward to picking blueberries several times each summer - plenty of fresh ones to eat and some to freeze!