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Friday, December 10, 2010

Quick Moment of Humor in My Life

So, I quickly washed my face off in the locker room before leaving work this morning shortly after 3a (which left two big dark black mascara circles around my eyes). Going on just a couple hours of sleep the past 48hours, as I was driving, I was in a daze. I all of a sudden noticed flashing lights behind me and quickly pulled to the side of the road. The officer said "You were going  86 in a 60 (my eyes opened really wide at this point), then he quickly corrected himself and said "I mean 68 in a 60". I laughed and said, "its okay, I'm dyslexic sometimes too"! The police officer then asked if I was chewing orange Trident gum, and in a panic b/c I couldn't find my proof of insurance, which btw is kind of ironic since my hubby is our insurance man, I opened my mouth wide and said, "See, its gum! I promise I haven't been drinking!"  (If you know me, you know I hardly ever drink except for the occasional glass of wine). He said, "I didn't think you were, I just recognize the smell b/c I used to chew it all the time". I was quite embarrassed :) After that, he gave me a moment to find my card, said he could tell I was tired and wished me safe travels.

Thank you officer for understanding the "moment" I was having :) I was much more alert after that!

And now... well, I'm home and off to bed!

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